How to get YOUR videos onto the top of YouTube and Google

How to get YOUR videos onto the top of YouTube and Google
Discover How You Too Can Use Google’s Hidden Algorithm To Your Advantage & Rank On Page 1 In Any Niche… With No Boring SEO, No Spammy Link-Building And No Special Equipment Required!

Video Marketing - Tube Live Commando

You Need YouTube & Video... It's a Fact!
When you consider the statistics... YouTube is something you should DEFINITELY be utilizing to get full use of what it has to offer.. Which is a lot!

When you think of it this way... YouTube has 200,000+ videos added every single day, more than 30,000,000 active accounts within there... If you had to watch all the videos YouTube holds, it would take over 600 years! Here's some strong reasons you need to be looking at this page seriously.

When it comes to reaching prospects, engaging with them and generating sales, traffic and views to your content, there's no other better way!

Now, we face a problem... How do we get people seeing more of YOUR videos and LESS of everyone else's!

Simple.. We need a better Search Rank within YouTube & Google.. Right? And I know you're thinking it's easier said then done... And that's usually true!

It's been difficult in the past, but we've found the solution.. And a way of automatically doing so.

So to rank better in YouTube & Google:
Google released something called YouTube Live Events, it’s a bit like Google Hangouts, but Youtube’s OWN service..

Now you can use Live Events to stream live into YouTube, but the problems we face (which we have figured out and bested, don’t worry!) is that it has to be LIVE!

And it cannot be animated, or made by Explaindio, Video Maker FX and and other similar video creators.. Because it’s more like a hangout.. It cannot be played directly live…

Well.. it can, just not without a little help! ;-)

These Live Events videos are favoured MASSIVELY in Youtube’s & Google's rankings… So what can you do to take advantage of this algorithm YouTube & Google have created??

And remember, you cannot generate pre recorded videos to play live, and in high quality, or using the big video creation tools you can’t take advantage of this neat method… It has to be LIVE… Well, UNLESS….

Introducing... Tube Live Commando!

You're about to see a seriously clever ranking tool, that uses YouTube's own algorithms to your very own advantage.
Video Marketing - Tube Live Commando

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