The Simple Steps To Grow Your Business Online

Step #1:

Identify The Problem You Want to Help People to Solve and Select Your Target Market.

Step #2:

Decide on The Product or Service to Solve The Problem.

Step #3:

Create Useful Free Reports, Articles, Audio and Videos Related to The Problem such as Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Step #4:

Get an Online Leads Capturing Platform such as Landing Page, Website, Blog and Describe the Benefits and Results of Your Product or Service.

Step #5:

Set-up Email Opt-in Form on Your Online Platform and Capture More Leads by Offering Free Stuffs such as Free Reports, Articles, Audio, Videos, Mini eCourse (using auto-responder) in Exchange for Their Contact Details.

Step #6:

Distribute Reports, Articles, Audio and Videos That You Have Created To Get Back-links to Your Online Leads Capturing Platform.

Step #7:

Build a Community with Your Customers as well as Your Competitors on platform such as Your Blog or Facebook Fan Page.

Step #8:

Give Your Offer With Compelling Copywriting on Your Sale Page.

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