Write A Note In A Hurry

How often do you need to quickly write something?

Need to remember phone numbers? Do not want to forget a website URL? Need to make a quick to-do list?

In all these circumstances, you just want to start writing immediately and write a list of simple to-do tasks or jotted down any information.

There are many solutions such as notepad, personal information manager, or any other programs that can create and save text. But all those options are slow and sometimes messy.

Make short notes on the computer is often a chore. Many of these programs just to leave too much clutter on your desktop.

Flashnote is the solution to this problem. It is a simple program that opens up quickly.

When closed, it will sit on the taskbar, ready to use.

To open, simply click on the Flashnote icon and you can start typing!

Here's the link to Flashnote.


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