Founded since 2003, TrainingGearAsia had grown to become successful today in the niche areas of youth entrepreneurship training. It had grown and expanded her networks of entrepreneurs and alliances to ensure all stay true to the Spirit of Enterprise

TrainingGearAsia (TGA) successfully pioneered its very own EntrepreneurBootCamp, drawing great positive response on what it really takes to live like an entrepreneur, giving credibility to what the programs can deliver. The first niche training program under TGA was born!

We had also become a strategic training arm of Project:Senso Limited, a social enterprise hub for the community of entrepreneurs. TGA expertise lies in the creative customization of training programs, which drew direct inspiration and lessons from the entrepreneurial world.

We believe strongly in moving with times, just as entrepreneurship had evolved over the past decade. Ever since, we understand that keeping up with the trend is one thing, but keeping up the ‘real’ experience is the challenge. In the entrepreneur’s world, one thing is mandatory – A Great Attitude for change.

No matter how the world has evolved; remembering the attitude that makes things happen is the key! As entrepreneurs, we believe that “Learning is in the Doing”. That’s the entrepreneur’s school of thoughts.

Today, TrainingGearAsia has also evolved into the corporate training and consulting arena by spearheading niche-training programs in the field of Sales Mastery and Team Building. Bringing direct lessons from the entrepreneurs’ world into the zone of sales training and building sales teams.

Most Importantly, we believe strongly in adding positive value in all we do. Everyday that is.


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