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Today, I'm very pleased to have Joseph Wong here with us, the first Entrepreneur to be featured on in 2011.

Joseph is the Founding Director and Principal Trainer of TrainingGearAsia. He is also the Director for Training and Programmes for Project:Senso Limited – a high-impact non-profits organization for Entrepreneurs where he had played a pivotal role in turning around the organization into a profit-making social enterprise model.

He is also siting onboard as Director in Business Savvy Pte Ltd, a company that assist SME in Singapore in applying for business grants in supporting their operating structure.

Hi Joseph, thanks a lot for agreeing to this interview.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

I started specializing into Entrepreneurship training where my program focuses on delivering results (i.e. starting up business). I believe that there is a much more better ways to deliver Entrepreneurship training rather than just being a classroom learning where the market is currently delivering.

I earn my living through Entrepreneurship and Corporate training as my main focus. Moving forward, I am into corporate training specializing into Sales Mastery training leveraging on the capability of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) model.

What is the main reason for setting up TrainingGearAsia? and Why?

I see a big gap in the industry where providing real Entrepreneurship is concerned. While maintaining a healthy profit margin in all training program is important, however, I realised that there is compromise on the real value behind Entrepreneurship training (i.e. how it is delivered). Classroom training is the norm for such training here. Which I firmly believe that Entrepreneurship training should not be all about just paper talking, but going out there to take action

That is how TrainingGearAsia (TGA) is born. To make a difference in how Entrepreneurship training is delivered. Most importantly, to create multiple positive impacts through our training. We cover both business and social enterprise segments, ensuring that our training can create shift in how people views Entrepreneurship training, and hopefully they too after attending the training, will create positive impact to people around them, either through their startup business, or impacting people positively thru lessons learnt in our Entrepreneurship training in their present and future environments.

How did you uniquely position and differentiate your business from the rest?

Value creation is the Key above all things. Blue Ocean strategy stressed on the importance of Unique Value Proposition (UVP). In today context, it's no longer about Unique Selling Proposition (USP), but UVP. The key question to ask is how can I add not just value, but further value to my clientele. Especially when I am in a niche industry. End of the day, just remember that USP can be copied easily, UVP is a uphill task for competitors to copy because its a internal resources.

Right, that's a valuable point - UVP is the key above all things in today's business context, so what do you think is the biggest obstacle for an Entrepreneur to kick-start a profitable business?

After conducted a numbers of training in Entrepreneurship, the biggest obstacles to kick-start a business still boils back to FIRST ACTION. Taking the first step to source for resources and contacts. Most people lament the fact that they don't have resources, however they forgot that the key thing is that they had not started to look for it. It's all in the action statement.

Second is PERSISTENT ACTION. Persisting until they get it. There is a saying, "if you don't get your goal, don't change your goal, but change your action". Most people, unfortunately, change their goal to something they are comfortable with.

It takes lots of energy and sacrifice to be an Entrepreneur, what are your secrets to maintain/increase your momentum?

The important thing is not to get disconnected from the positive circle of Entrepreneurs. Positivity is crucial especially in the initial stage. It's even more important not to neglect your health and social circle. We need a break sometimes and friends and family are crucial in providing that holistic balance. However, mix with only people who encourage and support you. Make a firm decision to leave people who are nay-sayers, stay away from them! cos they sap your energy!

Knowing how to pace yourself is important, know when is your best peak performing time of the day and MAXIMISE that time-slots to get things done. We cannot be at peak performance everytime of the day. I also believe in not working overtime unless it's really necessary. Having good rest is key which new Entrepreneurs usually forgo which is detrimental to health which directly impact making useful business decision.

End of the day, believe in your cause of why you are in this business, and you will know how to pace to get there.

Thank you very much for the interview, do you have any final words of wisdom that you would like to share with aspiring Entrepreneurs?

If you are new to starting up, the following might help:

1. Don't be afraid of trying new things or ventures. The more exposure you have, the more clarity you will have in deciding which specific business you are great to be in.
2. Don't expect to get things right the first time, cos you won't!
3. Take ACTION!

You can know more about Joseph at or add him in Facebook at

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