Simple Tips You Can Do Immediately To Start Earning Commissions As Affiliates

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Tip 1: Locate Your Links

Sign up as affiliate for the products/services that you want to promote or you could choose from the affiliate programs above.

Some programs require you to buy their product first before you can promote. Actually, this makes sense, as you should only promote products and services that you deemed valuable and useful.

Locate and copy your affiliate links.

Tip 2: Send An Email Invite To Your Private Contacts

If you haven't started to build a huge list or your list is small, look into your private email contacts. Share with them how you feel about the product/service and send them to the merchant's website via your affiliate link.

Tip 3: Change Your Signature Links

Insert your affiliate link in your email signature. This way, every time you send an email, your affiliate link will appear in your email signature at the end of the email.

If you frequently contribute to a forum, you could also use your affiliate link in your signature. Make sure the link is relevant to the forum you are posting on. Always get to know the community and become part of it before considering any form of promotion.

Tip 4: Write A Review And Post It On Your Website/Blog

Write honest reviews (the good and bad points) on particular products/services that you’re an affiliate for. Then hyperlink the relevant or exact keyword/phrase of the products/services with your affiliate link.

Tip 5. Place Banner and Text Ads On Your Website/Blog

Placing banner and text ads on your website/blog are a great way to drive traffic to your affiliate products.

Especially when banner and text ads are placed at strategic location where they will attract lots of attention of your visitors. However, don’t clutter your website/blog with too many ads.

The text ads should be brief, but clear and descriptive.

Remember to hyperlink the banner and text ads with your affiliate link.

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