Article Marketing Quick and Easy Traffic

Write basic articles about the product you want to promote and what you got out of it, and submit them to these free web sites.

A good mindset to be in while creating an article or press release is to think of it as a testimonial.

Explain about the benefits and end results of the product and use specific examples on how it has been a benefit to you and why you think it is a must for everyone.

Be sure to use specific examples, because social proof is #1.

Always leave your readers wanting more and the only way they can find out more info is to click on your lead capture page link.

After all, that's the end goal from all advertisements, to have them enter their information and opt-in your mailing list.

Your articles should be always be relevant to the type of product/service that you are marketing.

Think of articles as a way of warming up and attracting the right buyers. These articles need to presell your readers, to get them excited about the product or service that they can't resist but to click on the links featured at the end of the article which will lead them from the article page to your capture page.

Once you have an article created and ready to submit, find around 5 submission services to submit it to.

Submit the same article to all of them. This will ensure that you'll get your information seen in a natural search.

Write an article no more than a page and a half long, or more than about 800 words. Keep your lines short and your paragraphs to no more than four sentences long. No one reads on the Internet, they just skim, so keeping your lines and paragraphs short will keep them reading and not skimming.

The best way to get the most out of article marketing is to write a new article every few days and submit it to 5 article submission services. Keep in mind that more is not better. Only submit one article to several submission services, and then move onto your next article.

Over time your articles will build up and the traffic will start to come. But you must be consistent and submit articles on a regular basis.

You may need to sign up to get a free account with these services in order to submit your work.

One great thing about article marketing is that you can easily leverage the content  by re-purposing it a few different ways.

For example, you can submit the articles to major articles directories firs, then create slide-show presentations and videos that can be submitted to various slide-show presentation and video directories.

So once you have the first batch of articles, you can literally fill an entire marketing campaign with the same content by using it in multiple ways.

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