List Building Mistake #8: Failing to Segment

Segmenting your lists does more than maximize your chances of having your emails delivered successfully.

List segmenting will also help you effectively communicate and target specific subscribers, increasing response rate and helping you create successful broadcasts.

For example, if you developed a mailing list catering to the “Internet Marketing” crowd, it’s likely that your subscribers come from different backgrounds, are currently at different levels of their marketing training or are interested in various areas of the Internet Marketing industry.

By segmenting your lists, you can create content based on each groups interests and skill levels as well as develop products and services around each subscriber category.

AWeber is one of the more popular email marketing and auto-responder providers.

With AWeber, you can easily segment your lists by creating a custom field for your actual opt-in form.  This custom field should help you better identify your subscriber based on their location, skills and interest.

Using our Internet Marketing list as an example, a custom field could include “How long have you been involved in Internet Marketing?” which subscribers would answer at the point of subscription.

You could then log into your AWeber account and conduct a search that would pull up people who had provided specific information in the custom field.

You can then save each group into its own individual list, and name it accordingly (New Marketers, 3 Years experience, Seasoned Marketers, etc) so that you can easily remember it for future broadcasts that you send out.

Simply select the group whenever you create a new email and it will be sent only to this group.

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