5 Proven Headlines on How to Attract Attention For Your Blog Posts, Facebook Posts and Tweets

One of the keys to attract attention online is writing magnetic headlines.

The goal to writing magnetic headines is to increase the "open" rate of your posts by your target audience.

Pay attention the next time you choose to read any blog post, facebook post or tweet and learn the way the headline is written.

These are some of the proven "opening" for magnetic headlines:

1. Use "How to ...".

2. Use Number. Example: "5 Ways to ...", "10 Tips ...", "20 Techniques ..."

3. Use "Best", "Worst", "My Favourite ...".

4. Use "Ideas".

5. Use "Proven".

My favourite headline is "How to ...", because I'm always compelled to open and read posts that teach me to do something. I think that's what most readers on the Internet are looking for - valuable information that improves their lives.

What's your favourite?

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