How to Have a Positive Behavior?

I remember reading about an article about managing the state we are in and how that will translate into the behavior that we want.

I didn't quite understand that article then, but now I have a better understanding of what it means.

We can always choose to see the glass of water half filled or half empty.

By managing our state we are in and see any situation in a positive way, will translate this state into a more positive behavior.

I'm not saying that we should keep cheating ourselves about our current situation.  But in some situation we can choose to see it from a positive angle.

Telling ourselves that the glass of water is half empty will set a negative state and that willl translate into a negative behavior.  There is no way this will do us good.  Do you really want that?

It's applicable to business owners or employees.  Trust me, most people prefer to stay around positive minded people.  Your customers or bosses wouldn't want to see you as a negative person.  Rather they prefer to deal with a forward-looking and positive you.

Your state leads to your behavior
Your behavior leads to your action
Your action leads to your Results
Your Results lead to your lifestyle.

Did you see the link?

Producing Results is what it really matters to our lifestyle.

Steve Pavlina wrote once about measuring value. “The only way to really measure value is by your results”.

That’s why, it’s important that we need to manage our state well from the start.

Just remind yourself to see things in a more positive way, then see for yourself how this will translate into the behavior you desire.

Start looking at things positively and keeps implementing positive habits today.

    Picture by via Ahmed Zahid Flickr, Creative Commons 

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