How to Run Web Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail on Desktop?

Have you experience slow loading time and crashing of web browser when you are running too many websites on it?

I have just stumble upon a program that allows us to run web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail on desktop.

Running web applications on desktop is very similar to the way you run apps on iPhone.

The web browser was first created to read information on the net and not for running applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.

As the demand of applications grows (the demand for sharing of pictures/video and real-time chat etc), the amount of resources needed to support these applications increases.

This often slows down the loading time of the browsers and sometimes crashed the whole browser.

This is where Prism can change the way we use the browser to run application such as Facebook.

Prism is a program that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop, leaving the browser for general reading and browsing of blogs/websites.

Each web app is "on its own" and not sharing the browser with other websites. This also reduces the time of finding the right tab through the "jungle of tabs".

You can try Prism here:

There are two ways to use Prism;

Prism Firefox Extension:

Once you have installed the extension and restarted the browser, you can turn any web site into a Prism application by choosing "Create Application for this Website" in the Tools menu.

Prism Standalone Application:

This application will be located in the Start menu on Windows or the Applications folder on Macintosh.

Simply fill out the URL of the website you want to turn into an application, give it a name and select where you want the shortcut to be created, then click OK.

Either way, you can easily turn any website into an application.

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