The 15-Step Sales Formula

Step 1:

Position your product/service as unique by highlighting its selling points. Make it desirable your prospects and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Step 2:

Write a killer headline and sub-headline.

A great headline should...

State the problem that your prospects can identify with.

A great sub-headline should...

Stress the main benefit of your product in solving that problem.
Generate excitement and a desire in your prospects to find out more.

Step 3:

Describe the problem they’re facing in more detail. Show them that you understand the problems they’re facing and it puts you in the perfect position to offer your product/service as the solution to their problem later.

Step 4:

Identify with your prospects. Before you can convince your prospects that you have a solution to their problem, you need to convince them that you truly understand their problem, and that you can relate to them.

Step 5:

Tell a story. It’s a good idea to write a little story around the product/service that you’re selling. It will add some life and interesting background, that in itself becomes a selling point.

Step 6:

Share an easy-to-read overview of how your product/service can make their lives better. Let prospects see the value of what you’re offering, and shows them that it’s a great solution to the problem you introduced in your headline.

Step 7:

Describe your product/service features in detail. The aim of this description is to answer every single possible question prospects may have!

Step 8:

After describing the features of your product in detail, you should think of as many ways as possible to translate those features into compelling benefits.

Step 9:

Establish your credibility. By establishing your credibility helps your prospects feel safe enough to buy from you. You need to reassure them that you have all the right experience to be the person they should buy from, and that you are trustworthy and honest.

Positioning yourself as an expert and use testimonials from people who have bought from you.

Step 10:

Offer bonuses. One great way to help prospects overcome their hesitation is by offering one or more "bonus" items that you’ll throw in free with their purchase.

Step 11:

Give clear terms and conditions such as payment options, delivery details, delivery restrictions, delivery and handling fees, warranty and refund policy, contact information etc.

Step 12:

Include a strong guarantee such as a money-back guarantee is another proven marketing technique that is an excellent way to increase sales.

Step 13:

Create urgency and encourage immediate action. To persuade someone to take an action (such as placing a deposit or purchase), it’s important to create a sense of urgency. People tend to put things off when they think they can come back and do it later, so you need to tell them why it’s important for them to act now, rather than later.

Step 14:

Ask for the sale! Include the "call to action".

Step 15:

Include the "P.S." at the end by summarizing all the points above. Prospects may be "sleeping" through the above steps so give them one last chance to take action. This is your opportunity to write one last pitch that’s packed full of benefits, urgency, and a final call to action.

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