The Key Ideas in Education Marketing

Education Marketing is marketing through "educating" prospects with useful information and turning them into informed buyers.

Basically, you move your prospects from "ignorance" to becoming qualified prospects and finally, becoming buyers. You will go from being a sales person to an authority, trusted advisor and friend.

People dislike being sold but they like information that helps them to buy the right products.

By providing useful information, you build a relationship of trust with your prospects.

Ultimately, the best customers are educated prospects/customers who beg you to sell them something!

The right information in the right place just changes your life. ~ Stewart Brand.

Valuable Information Changes Life

People don't really want information. What they really want is knowledge. Because raw information has very little value unless it is translated into knowledge.

People Want the Benefits of Knowledge

"People don't want to buy a drill. They want to make a hole."

People want to be "educated" so they can accomplish their goals, just like people who buy a drill want to make a hole.

What Type of Information Will Make People Pay?

People will pay if you can provide information on products or service that will bring convenience to their life.

They will also pay if you can provide them with organized information with neat format and presentation.

If you are an Authority or Expert, they will also pay for whatever information you provide in area of your expertise. They like the comfortable feeling of certainty.

The very process of creating information that adds value to people's life and educating them through your blog actually gives you authority.

Status as an Authority or Expert adds to the perceived value of your product or service.

Educating People on the Benefits and Results of Your Product or Service is An Effective Lead Generation Technique

Once a person pays you for your product or service, they tend to have a higher level of commitment to you as a subject matter expert.

And people want to act in a consistent manner with past decisions, which means they will likely continue to do business with you, whether that means purchasing your new product, buying another service or maintaining a recurring subscription.

Most importantly, you need to have clear idea of what type of prospects you want to attract and you also need to have clear goals on what you want them to learn from your blog, so that they will become "warm" leads who are eager to buy from you.

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