What is Online Video Marketing?

Online Video Marketing Sells! Period.
  • Video gets more online traffic.
  • Video is the most persuasive media.
  • Video Marketing = Make More Money Online.
Online Video Marketing is using video to market products online. It is becoming the easier, cheaper and faster way to get traffic.

Videos have come a long way online and are now starting to show up in just about every promotion you see, and for good reason, video sells more products than anything else as video tells story better. It is leading the trend of increasing sales and conversions for businesses.

The smartest video marketers are regular folks who don't have a huge email list, huge number of affiliates or joint venture partners.

They know using simple online video will creates more traffic and sells better.

These days, launches by big companies use Video. Static images are slowly fading away.

Given all the free resources online, it is not difficult to create professional online video, note the word it's "professional" not "fancy".

Many marketers are ignoring video marketing because they are
  • afraid of technology
  • afraid of high costs
  • afraid of wasting lots of time.
Videos are ranking well with the search engines. Search engines are paying more and more attention on online video.

Online Video are appearing on front page of search engines regularly and not many marketers are there to compete for a piece of that online real estate.

With the increasing use of broadband and deployment of their infrastructure, online video will soon be everywhere. You should do it now to take advantage of the huge gap.

The equipment and software required are not as sophisticate as you might think.

If you can run programs like "Window Live Movie Maker" or "PowerPoint", you are ready.

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