Interview with Tyrone Shum - The Outsource Expert

Today, I'm pleased to have Tyrone Shum here with us.

Tyrone is an entrepreneur from Australia who blogs at He has created, managed and sold several different Internet businesses since 2005.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

I am a young entrepreneur and business coach from Sydney Australia. Through my Mastermind program I teach people how to live a great lifestyle working as little as 5 hours a week through outsourcing to the Philippines.

How did you find a market in search of something to buy?

From personal experience I struggled to be the ONE who did everything and then one day I realised how much I achieved. Very little!

I picked up a book written by the famous author Tim Ferriss and it got me started on my journey to outsource my business whilst owning a business that allows me to work as little as 5 hours a week.

When people started asking me how I did this, it got me thinking about teaching others how to do the same. So I started the Mass Outsource Mastermind program which is a step by step guide using video on how to outsource your entire business and live a great lifestyle. The lifestyle you choose!

How did you create the attention that make people take notice of your business?

Be different and provide really good value. I use video as a way to market my brand and also to deliver my content. It's easy, fun and simple to broadcast. People learn much faster seeing rather than spending hours reading through books. Plus I give away 10 free videos and a free report at that allows you to outsource your work immediately.

How did you manage to grow your business into a six-figure venture in only 6 months?

Learn the fundamentals, outsource and teach others how to do it, then continue to give them encouragement and support

I had to learn to trust others quickly otherwise I'll run myself into the ground doing it all myself.

I understand you run an online training program - Mass Outsource Mastermind, would you like to tell us more about it?

Mass Outsource Mastermind is a coaching program that I provide for business owners who are ready to take their business and life to the next level through outsourcing. Within the program I show people through video tutorials on how to hire virtual staff from the Philippines and leverage their skills within your business. That way it will allow you to free your time to work as little as 5 hours a week. I provide fortnightly teleconferences, a members only forum, a project management system customised for members only and also lots of resources that members can use to outsource their business.

You can find out more information about it here.

Remember also, the doors only open for a period of a week and then after that it closes for me to begin teaching my group of students. So signup for early notification if you would like to join.

What's your advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs looking to get their business up and running fast?

At the beginning you may need to start and do everything yourself because of limited resources and capital. Though once you start to see cashflow coming in, begin to hire and train people to run your business. Don't wait until 6 months later, because it's easy to get trapped in the process. As soon as you can afford to hire virtual staff I would highly recommend to do so. It's the fastest way to help you succeed and to leverage your time.

Also think outside of the square and apply the 80/20 principle. If you don't know what it is, I suggest researching it on Google, as it's another huge topic to discuss.

Thank you very much for the interview.

You can find out more about Tyrone at his blog: Internet Business Path or get a free report at Mass Outsource Mastermind.

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