How to Use the Right "Triggers" to Influence Your Prospects Buying Decision

Triggers are not new, these are techniques that have been tested and have worked for many products and services.

They are also not tricks, they merely create the right conditions for people to feel comfortable making the buying decision.

Trigger #1:

Asking questions on the benefits of your products or services that your potential customers are unlikely to say "No".

For example, "Do you want your children to be healthier?".

Trigger #2:

Show proof of the outcome or results of your products or services.

Trigger #3:

Demonstrate social proof of people who have trusted you and have benefited from what you do.

Trigger #4:

Create urgency necessary to make people buy using "limited time" special bonus. If possible, give people a reason for getting this bonus, such as "Thank you for being my subscriber, I'm going to give you ...".

Trigger #5:

Offer risk reversal such as "Money-Back Guarantee". This can also be use as "limited time" special bonus.

Trigger #6:

After your products or services start to sell, continue to demonstrate social proof. Because when people see that others are buying from you, that will compel them to do so.

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