How to Design Text Logo For Your Business Using PowerPoint 2010

I will show you a simple way of creating and designing Text Logo for your business using PowerPoint 2010 without the need other expensive software.

Open a new blank presentation.

Click on "Insert" tab >> "Text Box" >> "Horizontal Text" Box.

Drag the Text Box across the blank presentation to the size you like and key in your business name. I will key "Social @ Blogging Tracker" for this example.

Then center text and bold it if you like.

Right-click on the Text Box and select "Format Shape".

Under "Fill", select "Solid fill" and choose black color.

Click on "Reflection", Under Presets, Choose "Half Reflection, touching".

Click on "Glow and Soft Edges" >> Under Preset >> Select 5 pt glow.

Choose White color, Under Soft Edges >> Choose the Size of 5 pt.

Highlight the text and Choose White color.

Click on the "Format" tab >> "Edit Shape" >> "Change Shape" >> Choose "Rounded Rectangle".

"Print Screen" and Paste on any Image editor such as Paint or Irfan view.

Then Crop the size of logo area you want and "Save".

You're done with a Simple Text Logo.

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