Gideon Shalwick Interview - The Online Video Marketing Entrepreneur

Today, I'm pleased to have Gideon Shalwick here with us.

Gideon is an entrepreneur from Australia who blogs at

In two short years, he became an international author with his books on entrepreneurship, lead generation and blogging. His latest work, The Roadmap To Become A Blogger has now been downloaded over 25,000 times.

When I asked him for an interview, I was very surprised that he offered to create a video for the interview, which is the first for this blog.

Here's the video interview, enjoy:

Gideon is also the Co-founder of Become A Blogger Premium premium course (you can download the free copy of The Roadmap to Become A Blogger Report here).

Visit his website to get to know him better or you can learn about his Killer Tips For Optimizing YouTube Videos here.

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