Essential Software To Have On Your Computer

Here is a list of software that you should install on your computer. Some of them are essential, such as anti-virus software. Make your own judgments as to whether necessary or not.

Microsoft Office / Open Office

A suite of office applications that consists of word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. The most popular is Microsoft Office.

OpenOffice is an alternative that can be downloaded free here.

OpenOffice is free and compatible with most of Microsoft Office. If you are not sending and receiving important documents for business / customers, OpenOffice is good enough for everyday tasks.

Anti-virus Software

After your computer is configured with core applications, download and install AVG anti-virus.

This free anti-virus works very well in protecting your computer from virus. Even if it is free, you can always get free updates. Many people have used this anti-virus software for a long time without any problems.

Anti-Spyware Application

You may have unwanted advertisements popping up on your screen because a website has placed spyware or some other annoying code on your computer when you visited or downloaded something from their website.

To remove these popups, simply download and use a Spyware application such as Ad-Aware.

This should help you find and remove most of the spywares so that you will not see the pop ups again.

Backup Software

Backup your computer is one of the most important things you should do regularly to help avoid disasters. If your hard drive failed or damaged, you have a good chance of losing your data.

FBackup is free software to backup and ensure availability of data when a disaster occurs. It is recommended that you set a schedule for backing up data daily or after completing your work.

This software has a friendly interface and makes the backup job easy. An additional advantage is that software also save your "Open files". These are the files that are in use when you are working on your computer. This means you can backup your computer while you are working.

You can use the software to backup your data on local, external hard drive or DVD.

What's your view? Do you have any software to add?

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