Benjamin Lang Interview - Owner of, the Young Entrepreneur Blog

Today, I'm very pleased to have Benjamin Lang here with us.

Ben is a young entrepreneur living in New York. He is the owner of, the Young Entrepreneur Blog and he also owns many businesses.

Hi Ben, thanks a lot for agreeing to this interview.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

Hi, thanks so much for interviewing me. At age 13 I started selling people's used items on eBay and Craigslist and taking commissions based on the sales. Soon after began designing and building Wordpress sites, taking fees for the work. Finally, six months ago I began a blog on young entrepreneurship that has become quite popular and hopefully one day will attract large advertisers.

What is your favorite revenue stream?

When I used to sell on eBay and Craiglist my commission was usually around 20% which was a great revenue stream. Today as I concentrate on blogging, advertising has become my revenue stream, along with affiliate sales. 

How did you manage to attract visitors to your blog and make them loyal readers?

What I concentrate on to convert visitors to loyal readers are quality content and community. It's very important to provide quality content, that fits to your blog, interests visitors, and ultimately make them return to your blog for more. Also having a vibrant community will also attract readers, who want to interact with other bloggers.

If you could go back in time, name one mistake that you wouldn’t make.

The mistake I made was not launching my blog earlier. I know that the more experience, time and sometimes the earlier your age the more respect you can attain. If I had started at let's say 13 I would have had three years more of content, experience, and if maybe even more respect for blogging at such an early age.

Right, there is no better time to start blogging than now. Thank you very much for the interview, do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs on a tight budget?

The way I've ran businesses so far was without even a budget. The way you could do that for any business is by utilizing free methods such as flyers, posting announcements on craigslist, social media and making connections with other entrepreneurs.

You can find out more about Ben Lang's blog at


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