Interview with Marko Saric - Founder of

Today, I'm pleased to have Marko Saric here with us.

Marko is the owner of and specialize in creating and marketing websites.

He caught my attention when his blog post was retweeted by big names such as @ProBlogger and @GuyKawasaki.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

I am a marketer. I work in affiliate marketing and I run several sites. My main project is at, which is a blog on all things about starting a blog and making it a success.

What’s your favorite Inbound Link Strategy?

It is all about creating great content and getting it out there to people.

If your content is great, if it provides value and if enough people see it, they will spread the word for you via social media and all this will give you lots of relevant links.

One proactive thing I did to get links when first started was to comment on many relevant blogs daily and I also did 2 guest posts pretty early at, which is the biggest blog in my field.

How you build a blog with an engaging community?

I think it all comes down to having great content. Blogs are a great place for interaction so by having visitors that you attract because of great content, you will automatically start getting an audience and you will build an engaging community.

It takes time though, so be prepared to write several times per week for 3-4 months in a row before you start seeing results.

Also, always make sure to show you personality in the way you write, or include a picture or even a video. When people can see your face, they have easier time connecting and engaging with you.

You have a big number of Twitter followers, how did you manage to build this list of target audience?

I have about 20,000 followers, and it has taken almost a year to get there. It is mostly about finding people that are looking for what you do and helping them out solving their problems and answering their questions.

Also something like Tweet This helps a lot, just make sure always to include your Twitter username in there so everytime when someone retweets your post they also tweet out your username for other people to see.

I understand you wrote an eBook - Twitter Marketing E-Book, would you like to tell us more about it?

Quickly after joining Twitter, I realised its potential to bring lots of targeted traffic to a blog. So I started writing articles about it, with practical tips on how I used Twitter to promote my blog.

Articles were pretty popular and I got asked many questions plus offered a guest spot at Leo Babauta's blog. So all demand made me go for it and I decided to create a whole ebook on the topic.

What's your advice on building a good brand using Twitter?

For me it is very connected with your blog. As long as you create quality content on your blog, it will help you spread the word about yourself on twitter as well.

Other than quality content, connect with people talking about you or talking about your topic, answer their questions, help them out.

Also make sure to tweet relevant quality articles that you stumble across the net. Basically use Twitter for tweeting about relevant topics to whatever your blog is about.

Thank you very much for the interview, do you have any final words of wisdom that you would like to share with us?

Not much really, other than to go for it.

Stop reading and start writing some quality articles and get out there and meet your audience.

Blogs are so easy to create and they can allow you to build an audience, create a name for yourself and accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams as long as you are willing to work hard for a consistent period of time.

You can learn more about Marko Saric at and also learn how he attracted a huge amount of targeted traffic to his blog using Twitter in his
Twitter Marketing E-Book.

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