How to Write Headlines That Grab Attention - The Headline Templates

Over the past few weeks, I’ve paid attention to headlines of hot selling products that command attention and I've gathered the list below.

These headlines should be enough to help you start grabbing attention, either on your advertisement, sales page or blog.

Generally, there should be 3 elements for a good headline, "The Attractive Opening", "The Promise to Improve Something" and "The Solution You Can Offer" (Optional).

The last element "The Solution You Can Offer" is optional because you are going to reveal it in your content.

For example, [The Attractive Opening] How to [The Promise to Improve Something] Develop Excellent Relationship [The Solution You Can Offer] in 3 Easy Steps.

Just make sure the titles are going to capture attention, either by curiousity, promise a benefit of some kind, or ask a question that targets the "pain" of your audience so that they will quickly click on your link.

These are some headlines that grab attention:

1. The "How to.." headline.

Example: How to Optimize Your Business Blog for Long Term Success?

2. The "Top..." headline.

3. The "Simple And Easy..." headline.

4. The "Perfect..." headline.

5. The "Don't Buy Another..." headline.

6. The "Are You Tired of..." headline.

7. The "Imagine..." headline.

8. The "As seen..." headline.

9. The "Step-by-Step..." headline.

10. The "Ways to..." headline.

11. The "Secrets of..." headline.

12. The "What If..." headline.

13. The "Do You..." headline.

14. The "Sure Fire..." headline.

15. The "Reasons to..." headline.

16. The "Remember..." headline.

17. The "Which of..." headline.

18. The "Inside Secrets..." headline.

19. The "Where do..." headline.

20. The "Introducing..." headline.

21. The "You Are About to..." headline.

22. The "How I..." headline.

23. The "Do Not..." headline.

24. The "What do..." headline.

25. The "Now You Can.." headline.

26. The "Fact: ..." headline.

27. The "Take Advantage..." headline.

28. The "What is..." headline.

29. The "Real Truth About..." headline.

30. The "Finally!..." headline.

31. The "Don't Read This..." headline.

32. The "Proven..." headline.

33. The "Are You Still..." headline.

34. The "Experience The..." headline.

35. The "Myths..." headline.

36. The "New..." headline.

If you want to see more examples, just Google the headlines above.

Do you have any effective headline to add?

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