What I Have Learnt From Successful Entrepreneurs

1. They didn’t do everything by themselves.

2. They work harder and smarter than most people.

3. They know and understand their niche well.

4. They are always researching, learning and reading about their niche.

5. They do something that separates them from competitors.

6. They are passionate and love what they are doing.

7. They are persistent and take consistent action daily.

8. They are patient as they know success don’t happen overnight.

9. They hang out with other entrepreneurs and avoid negative people.

10. They think about their customers all the time, listen to them and go out of their way to please them.  They are building relationship and a loyal community in the process.

11. They build projects in phases and spend more time working on areas that generate the most revenue.

12. They know their true best self and what they are great at.

13. They take action, gain momentum and start taking massive speed of implementation.

14. They are not perfectionist.

15. They learn from those who have gone before them and become successful.

16. They have a clear vision to monetization.

17. They mind the cash and watch the numbers carefully.

18. They have some sense of humor.

19. They plan.

20. They know their target market.

21. They know how to market effectively.

22. They reinvest their earnings to make more money.

23. They innovate when things are going well.  Yes, when things are going well.  Think about it.

24. They are selling something of excellent value and know what people are willing to pay money for.

25. They know what they want.

26. They know what problems they can solve.

27. They network.

28. They have a brandable image.

29. They focus on one thing at a time until it’s complete and then moving on to the next thing.

30. They have proof, results and testimonials.

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