The Most Important Technique For Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

As long you're creating or sharing content for the purpose of engaging customers, you're involved in content marketing.

And the most important technique for content marketing is .... determining your audience.

You may heard this many times, however, once you're in this business you need to have a clear picture of who you're writing to. This is the most important technique before you start generating content and post them online.

Whenever you write, you need to picture your audience, a small focus group, it may be just one person. Someone who likes your ideas or someone that you've motivated to take action.

These days, writing for general public is more difficult to engage a responsive community compared to a small target group. Just imagine them sitting right in front of you and listening to your presentation before you start creating content.  This will help you to be more personalized in your content.

Just keep yourself laser focused on your audience and you'll find all the people who are on the same frequency start following you.

Ways to Deliver Your Content

Blog - I like blog to deliver my content online, it provides an opportunity to get the word out and engaged people. However, it takes takes lots of work to keep dishing out new and fresh content.

Email Newsletter - I've seen some smart marketers who are delivering their content via email newsletters or mini courses. The best part is, they just create a sequence of fantastic content, then deliver it again and again using auto-responders to each new person who signs up. The content can be updated and perfect over time.

Membership Site - One of the reasons why owning and operating membership sites has become popular over the past couple of years is, it could bring in regular cash flow and many opportunities to impress your audience at the same time. Similar to the Email Newsletter approach, the content can be updated and perfect over time.

Content marketing is all about making connections with your audience. No matter what kind of business you're in, people are buying from people they like and the Internet has made this much easier.

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