Interview with Ching Ya - The Social Media Enthusiast, Writer and Designer

Today, I'm very pleased to have another Entrepreneur, Ching Ya here with us.

She is a social media addict and enthusiastic blogger. She humbly said that she is not an expert in social media. However, her popularity generated by social media says otherwise.

Hi Ching Ya, thanks a lot for agreeing to this interview.

Thank you so much, Louis for having me here.

If the people reading this ask, who is Ching Ya, what would you say?

I’m just an ordinary lady, who happens to be at a point where she thinks it’s time to make a difference from her ordinary 9-5 day job. Unwilling to be confined in a cubicle instead hoping for a chance in the online world, doing what I’m passionate about. So here I am - a full time blogger and freelancer of both writing and designing.

It has been my dream to work home-based and network with people around the world. I’m blessed to have my family members supporting my ‘big’ decision when I’m submitting that resignation letter after working there for 4 and a half years.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

Apart from being a full time blogger, I’m also doing some paid posting for a couple of websites. I also do blog-setups from scratch for clients, along with graphic designs for website header and logo.

What is social media and how does it benefit businesses?

Social media is recognized as the tool used for interaction, broadcasting and networking among people. Let it be leisure or business, social media provides people the convenience to reach out their contacts faster and cheaper. Big or small companies are advised to incorporate social networking in their marketing strategy, for the below reasons:
  • reach wider audiences
  • cost effective
  • reputation management
  • continuous support, feedback from potential and present customers
What are the 3 most effective social media marketing techniques for small business?

Before we’re going into that, I need to remind that not all social media fits everyone’s needs based on respective business types and requirements. Therefore marketers should firstly figure out:
  • Who are his/her (potential) customers? local or abroad? Online or offline?
  • Do they hang out in a particular social network? If yes, what is it?
  • Decides which social media best fits your publicity needs.
Understanding customer’s behavior and whereabouts is a big help during applying social media marketing. A barber won’t be hard-selling on Facebook if none of his network members are from local.

For the time being, I would suggest Blog/Business website, Twitter & Facebook Page for small business.

All three have the ability to not only handle information sharing but reputation management as well. I’ve started a project collaboration with a marketer targeting local customers by using business website, hopefully soon we can try to blend in blogging and rest of the social media tools as well.

You said that you're a freelancer in designing website header and logo, is there demand for them and why?

There’s definitely a demand let it be in blogosphere or small businesses. Some site masters prefer to outsource the designing work to those they trust while they can make time for writing etc. So does business maker, who’s gradually accustomed to the need of a business website. A catchy header or design makes the page looks presentable.

You just need to work up to their expectations and it’s quite competitive nowadays.

Thank you very much for the interview, do you have any final words of wisdom that you would like to share with us?

Not words of wisdom but I can share what I learned from my experiences: to work hard, have determination and patience in whatever you’re working on. Do what you love and love what you do. Don’t fear to step out from your comfort zone as you may achieve a wonderful and worthwhile result.

I wish everyone a great success in reaching for their goals. God bless.

Blogging is what gets Ching Ya to believe the power of social networking. If you’re into social media issues or in need of some writing/designing work to be done, feel free to contact her at:

All her social media contacts are listed on her main site’s sidebar

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