Will You Pay for Information on the Internet?

In today's world, information are readily available at the click of our finger tip. So is there any reason for buying information on the Internet?

The first answer that came to my mind is "No".

However, I still see many ebooks being sold over the Internet.


After some reading and brainstorming, I've gathered a few reasons on why people are still willing to pay for information.


People may be searching for information everyday, but they might be getting unorganized raw information.

These information has very little value and has very little chance of getting itself translated into knowledge.

Out of desperation from countless searching and trying to make sense out of the free information, people might just pull out their wallet and pay for the knowledge.

So that they can solve their problems or accomplish their goals in a shorter time.

Neat Content

The good organization of content is also a reason why people are willing to pay. If someone who can pull together the best information from many sources and display in an "easy to digest" format. This will help to provide a progressive learning experience, instead of jumping from one webpage to another.


People will also pay for valuable information from Experts or Professionals. They like the feeling of certainty, as they want the expert knowledge from the "go-to source" and not some free information with no credibility.

If you're thinking of selling your expert knowledge over the Internet or running a writing business, you can consider taking reference from the 3 points above to put yourself in a nice position to sell an ebook.

Selling an ebook is only the first step, as this will also lead to an effective build-up of your credibility to provide consultancy service if you manage to gain recognition from your content.

I've seen many Entrepreneurs, especially stay-at-home moms, started off selling ebooks follow by, online courses, coaching and consulting businesses.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

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