3 Benefits of Writing List Posts for Bloggers

1. Makes blog post easy-to-scan by readers

Most of us are really busy people, there are so much information on the Internet and most of the time we tend to skim content rather than read it word for word.

By using list post, readers will know whether this post contains information that interests them or they can totally skipped to the next shiny thing.

This will also helps us to keep our ramblings to a minimum.

2. Makes thoughts clearer

Let me explain...

Sometimes, my mind is overloaded with ideas on a certain subject. These are unorganized raw information and may confuse many if these get published on the blog.

Therefore, by breaking down into list, these thoughts became clearer. After a few rounds of amendment, the post will be more presentable.

3. Makes blog post neater

Whenever I see a clutter or lengthy blog post, I tend to move on to the next website pretty fast. List makes the blog post looks neat and pleasing to the readers' eyes.

These are some examples of list posts:
Recommended reading: If you like to read more about writing the perfect list, check out this excellent guest post by my friend Ali Hale on ProBlogger.com, 10 Steps to Writing the Perfect List Post.

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