Interview with Master Lynn Yap - The Feng Shui Queen

Today, I'm very pleased to have Master Lynn Yap, also known as Singapore's Feng Shui Queen with us.

She is the Leading Feng Shui Expert, Entrepreneur, Group CEO, International Speaker, Author, Stock Investor, Blogger and Twitterer based in Singapore.

Hi Lynn, glad to have you.

Could you tell us about your background, what you do and how you earn your living?

Born in a small family where my father is a school teacher, my mother is a housewife currently living at Sembawang Hills Estate and my younger brother, a medical doctor with his own practice at Ang Mo Kio and I am their first born and eldest daughter in the family. My brother and I each own our own landed property somewhere near to the Seletar Hills estate and we meet regularly for Sunday brunch.

Currently, I am the leading fengshui master aged 50 at my company, 3P fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd, with a bachelor degree in Business Administration from our National University of Singapore. As a fengshui expert, my job is to work on the fengshui for residential, industrial and commerce sectors for Singapore and at times, work takes me overseas. My corporate clients’ list reads like a who’s who over 20 years. You can say that currently I earn my living from my Geomancy Company where I am also the CEO or rather a Group CEO as I own 6 companies.

Does Feng Shui still benefit people in the modern world? What makes you think so?

Yes, fengshui still benefits people in this modern world and I am a modern fengshui master as I don’t look like a typical old aunty fengshui master. I wanted it to be different and hence I set my own fengshui standards. My take on this is on the Company’s revenue each year, my company earns.

If people lose interest in fengshui then the sales would not have been constant for say the last 5 years and I speak on behalf of my Geomancy firm where in year 2008, we made it to become a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation with S$500k of paid up capital and with my gross personal income pegged at S$156k per annum. I may have accidentally become the highest paid Geomancer in Singapore.

I understand you are also an International speaker, what are the popular topics for your presentation / seminars?

As a paid speaker on fengshui, my job takes me to many countries and the most popular topic is usually on “fengshui tips for the homes” as many people overseas needed to get an understanding on fengshui before they can proceed to the next step. The other popular topic is on my “Predictions” especially in years 2007, 2008 and 2009. People find that my predictions of the world, most accurate and they get so impressed that each year, I have more and more participants coming to listen to “what’s next” by Master Lynn Yap.

What got you started in your Entrepreneur journey?

It was the right timing as I had this very strong burning passion of setting up my own geomancy firm and being my own boss, doing simply fengshui and destiny readings that led me to start this business and I started this business from the sale of my old car, a Mazda 323 blue, two door and an additional S$2k, a gift from my dad. Armed with S$7k, I started my geomancy company, many years ago. I have never looked back since and just look at the popularity of fengshui in Singapore today! and I played a major role in promoting fengshui then and now!

What makes you unique?

When I first started this business, two things that makes me unique : 1) I am a female fengshui master as at that time, say just 10 years ago, there were very few female fengshui masters. This uniqueness caught the public by surprise that Lianhe Wanbao did a 3 stories with me that I became so popular over night. Many people came to Suntec City where I was invited to do destiny readings for the public at a booth and I had the shock of my life!

These newspaper articles now sit on a wall in my Hall of fame at my current office. 2) That my brand of fengshui, *fengshuiQueen* truly works that eventually word of mouth gets around and for the last 5 years, I hardly ever advertise for business, maybe to promote my blog or twitter account yes, but that is all.

What is the main factor for your success?

The main factor is: That my “brand of fengshui truly works” and because it works, people will say good things about you and then the business comes and is on going. When you have a brand, my brand is “fengshuiQueen” that works or speaks for itself, it sells by itself. Hence, one must have substance in order to continue in this business for years. If not word of mouth will get on with new media, one wonders how long you will be.

What is the best advice you have ever been given by your mentor, friends, family etc?

It wasn't really an advice but my dad said this to me one day when I was at Catholic Junior College and only 18 years old, he said : ”It would make me very happy if you can enter our University” and I did and graduated in early 80’s with a degree. I always believe that it is not the degree that counts, it is what you make use of that University paper that is the most important and my final report card.

Because I was trained in the University on how to analyse problem, solve management or even marketing solutions so when I started to run my business, they all come into play like the 4Ps of marketing.

What is the best thing that happened to you in your journey of Entrepreneurship?

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is *freedom*. I can go anywhere I like anytime I want without having to apply for leave or go for holiday anytime I want. It’s FREEDOM that I like it best to the extent that if my clients want me to fly tomorrow, I am ready. Once we have the freedom of space, the next best thing is *financial freedom*.

Because we are in business, we would also need to know how to build our wealth from the income that was earned and for me with those income earned, I buy properties and some shares. To say the least, I build my own net worth rather than I build my own company and yes, I am a millionaire today in cash, assets and stocks excluding the Company’s worth.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur?

When your burning passion comes to be your own boss, go for it, because it is probably the right timing for you. However, for some people in order to “break thru” a certain level, they would need to have partners, hence *go with the flow* when that happens as some people may be gifted in something but not very good with money management which is an important tool for any company to survive in today’s world, especially by focusing on the cash flow and their Companies’ bottomlines.

Do you have any future plans for your business that you would like to share with us?

Yes, I intend to create a icon for *fengshuiQueen* which incidentally is a registered trade mark in Singapore on my website and to sell the whole website, blogs, twitter account, away say in 5 years or 10 years time. This is my *exit strategy* and after I retire from fengshui at aged 60, I would like to help many start up companies grow by investing in them, my time and money and with a passive income from my fully paid up properties at S$10k per month for two.

That's very inspiring, thank you very much for your time and sharing.

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