Ways to Better Profits

If you are launching your new product or promoting your service, what do you do?

You target your audience and spend money on advertisement introducing your product or service.

However, in today's world, traditional advertising strategies are facing big challenge.

Take me as an example, whenever I see advertisement, I will be naturally "blind" to them.

So what type of advertisement will capture my attention?
  • Short and simple headlines. Take a look at the newspaper headlines, there are some you can’t resist. That’s what you’ve got to do to get me interested and entertained.
  • Advertisement that creates awareness using educational content. Just simple content that teaches me something.
  • Tell me a story about how it was and help me fantasize how my life is going to be if I choose to go "through the journey" with you.
  • Give me a sample or something free to demonstrate the benefit of your product or service.  This freebie will past my first line of "defensive walls" and sends a message that I’m important.
  • Lastly and most importantly - Tell me what to do next.  Make sure you lead me to the call to action and tell me I better do it right now because it was in my best interest.
    Picture by rick via Flickr, Creative Commons

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