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It really surprise me on how quickly Twitter has worked itself into the mainstream.

The Singapore government is also using Twitter - to reach everyone for active citizenry @ home.

I only notice this during PM Lee’s National Day Rally.

When the Singapore government do something, we can seriously consider following them.

Recently, it was such a big deal that the Twitter's outage made news in the major news outlets, such as Reuters.

So what is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows people to make posts of up to 140 characters. It has been a hit and people discovering that doesn't take many words to keep others updated.

Twitter was founded in 2006.  In February 2009, Twitter was said to be growing at a 1,383% growth rate per month.

Twitter allows you to follow other people, which means you get alerted each time they make an update.  And likewise, others can also follow you.

Twitter is a great way of keeping in touch with other people and keeping a finger on the pulse within the market you are interested.

I foresee many businesses will start using Twitter to reach out to their customers on top of their own website.

So get ahead of the pack with Twitter today and remember to follow me on Twitter -, to keep up with my latest post.

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