Interview with Moon Loh - Founder of Mompreneur Asia and Mompreneur Hub

I am very pleased to introduce you to an amazing Mom Entrepreneur, Moon Loh, who runs 2 unique websites.

Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

I’m a Mompreneur in Internet Business. I have my own Online Coaching Program – Mompreneur Hub and Ebook – Babymoon Travelling Information Guide. Other than my own program and product, I'm also involved in other internet businesses such as affiliate programs and products, blogging for profits etc.

I understand that you run 2 successful websites for moms ( and, how did these websites come about?

There is an increasing trend for moms to work from home and earn passive income. Internet business is definitely a business that earns moms passive income. In order to success in internet business, the knowledge in internet marketing is a must. This is the reason of having Mompreneur Asia and Mompreneur Hub.

Mompreneur Asia is a website where I share information on home business. For example, why want to be Mompreneur, how to start home business, what is the home business that suitable for you, where to get useful resources and other valuable information. It is more like a blog and I update my sharing frequently.

Mompreneur Hub is my Online Coaching Program where it aims to help moms to gain knowledge in internet marketing and hence start the internet business. It will provide step by step guide and information so that you start your internet business in correct way using correct system.

How do you manage to run these websites and still have time for your family?

The wonderful benefit of internet business is the business is on autopilot. Once you have set the business up and market with correct internet marketing strategies, the business will run automatically. This is why people say you will earn even if it is 2am in the morning. This is also the main reason that I like about my internet business. It let me earn without barriers of time and countries while I can spend time with my family.

What are the reasons for your success?

“Make money online” is a serious business on the internet and the 3 main things that always in my mind are “Correct mindset, Correct attitude and Correct system”. I believe the above 3 corrects are the reasons of my little achievement today.

Is there anyone that you look up to and model yourself after?

I don’t have a special person to model after. In fact, I have learned good and useful knowledge from many people and try to be myself.

What is the best advice you have ever been given by your mentor, friends, family etc?

I like the words “You learn, you earn” from my mentor. Education is powerful, we can’t stop from learning everyday and everyday is my learning day. I get new ideas, knowledge and skills by learning and it is a great help to my internet business success.

Working from home is ideal for moms, what advice would you give a mom thinking of starting business online?

Starting an online business is not difficult as long as you have the correct mindset, correct attitude and correct system. You must first have the business mindset and willing to put in your time and effort to seriously learn and do about this business. Other than that, a correct system is also a key factor towards your business success. Doing your own way or self learning is less effective compare to follow a system from a success person.

Mompreneur Hub is an online coaching in starting your own online business and gains you knowledge in internet marketing. If you really want to have your ideal life and working from home, I encourage you to learn from Mompreneur Hub and start your own home internet business.

Thank you very much Moon for the interview. I hope to see more success stories of Mompreneurs in the near future.

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