Choosing Your Online Platform

This post is targeted at entrepreneurs and business owners who are selling, or planning to sell, digital products, services, tangible and real world products using a website.

First thing you need is a Domain

The first thing that you really must do is invest in your own domain name, that is, the name that appears at the top of the page like

Without a domain name to represent your own company or business, who is going to take you seriously?

And, given that such a domain name costs around US$10 per year, there is absolutely no excuse for not having one.

If possible, choose a domain name that represents what your business does or what your product is.

Hosting your Domain

The second thing that you really must have is a web hosting account, a place where you can build and then host your website.

This should cost around US$10 per month for a basic account, and is again an integral part of starting of your business off with the correct professional image.

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