The Master Plan on How to Make Profits Using The Internet

This is the general formula of Profits Master Plan (bookmark this page for this formula if you can't be bothered to read the rest of The Master Plan):

Spending Market + Quality Products/Services/Content + Targeted Traffic + Persuasive Copywriting = Cash Flow

This Profits Master Plan is put together with total beginner in mind. These information are gathered from the experience of various successful Entrepreneurs who are making money on the Internet.

These topics will help you, an aspiring Entrepreneur to break through the noise of the crowded world and build your business systematically.

Generally, these are some ways of making money:

1.    Manual work.
2.    Sell products and services.
3.    Be accountable for the selling in some way.

The options are limitless so you just need to find out what you think will be the most suitable way for you because everyone has different interests.

However, simply making money does not mean that you're successful. Money is merely a natural by-product of success and it will flow to you freely once you understand and apply the right success principle to your life.

Lay the Foundation
  • Identify and Select the Profitable Niches/Market
    • Your Passion, Interests and Strengths.
    • Market Needs.
      • Solutions that people are actively searching to solve their "pain"/problem.
      • Things that people are actively searching for their hobbies/passion.
    • Ready Market.
      • The market that people are already spending.
    • Market Gaps.
    • Unique Selling Point.
  • Keyword Research
      Build the Structure

      • Opt-in List Building
      • Developing Great Content
      Decide on the Income Streams
      • Selling Advertising Space on Your Websites, Blogs, Newsletters e.g Direct Selling, Google AdSense.
      • Selling Digitally Downloaded Products, e.g eBook, Digital Audio/Video File.
      • Selling Physical Products such as on eBay.
      • Selling Your Services like Consulting, Coaching/Mentoring.
      • Charging Subscription fee for Newsletters, Ezines, eCourse by Email.
      • Becoming a Retailer - Buy in bulks for wholesale price and sell to your customers for a profit.
      • Accepting Donations.
            Show the Benefits and Results
            • Building Relationship, Trust, Branding and Establishing Preeminence
              • Creating Effective and Compelling Content.
              • Giving Something of Value away such as eBook, Digital Audio/Video File.
              • Showing Results.
              • Exhibiting Proof / Evidence that Your Product / Service Works.
              • Showing Social Proof.
              • Gathering and Showing Testimonials and Credibility as you go.
            Finding Your Audience
            • Blogs in your niche
              • Blogs commenting, interaction and providing value to readers.
            • Forums dedicated to your niche.
              • Active participation and delivering value to people in the forum.
            • Social Media Networks
              • Connecting with like-minded people in social networks such as facebook, twitter and contributing value to them.
            Attract the Crowd
            • Paid Traffic 
              • Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
              • Mobile Marketing.
                Give Your Offer and Close the Deal
                • Sales Page.
                • Persuasive Copywriting and Influence Skills.
                Automate the Operation
                • Business Automation
                  • Auto-responder.
                  • Credit Card Processing.
                  • Automatic Product Delivery.
                  • Customer Service and Follow up.
                • Delegation and Outsourcing
                  • Delegate and outsource anything that you're not good at and anything that you see as a job instead of business.
                  Innovate Your Business

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