Blogging for Your Business

Blogging is simply an easy interface to publish your business news, product previews and to discuss your products or services on the web.

Blogs are easy to update and an excellent way to communicate online with customers and people interested in your industry.

These are some good reasons why you should start a blog for your business:
  • Basic blogging is easy to use and don’t require any specialist knowledge whatsoever. You just need to login to your account, write, and click the ‘publish’ button.
  • Blog can help your business to create a following and build a reputation as an expert in your industry.
  • Syndicate via RSS feed. RSS is a technology that enables people to receive constantly updated information from multiple sources through one reader such as Google reader. If you consistently publish valuable content related to your industry, you’ll gradually build up hundreds of subscribers who will visit on a regular basis.
  • Interaction with readers. All blogs have comment function that can be enabled to allow readers to reply to your post and share their thoughts. Commenting lets your readers interact with you and other readers, helping to create a community feel around your blog. Comments are an extremely useful channel of receiving feedback.
  • Earn money by selling advertising space on your blog.
Downsides to Blogging

  • It is a challenge to update blogs regularly.
  • The comment function is frequently misused by spammers to advertise other websites and products.
How To Set up a Blog?

There are 2 blog services worth a mention. They are:
  • - a free service provided by Google and possibly the simplest to use.
  • - also free and contains many state-of-the-art publishing features.
Hosting Your Blog Using Your Business Domain Name

A lot of people simply set up a blog account with free service and leave it at that. It doesn’t look professional using the free domain name.

Therefore, it’s a much better idea to buy a domain name and host your blog on that.

If you would like to know how to set up a professional blog for your business and earn money from it, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the Blog Mastermind Course.

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